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Primary Focus:

Scope of Practice

As a veteran, I am particularity interested in working with a military population. I practice a holistic approach to assist patients in achieving mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I provide psychotherapeutic support to adults from culturally diverse backgrounds that are struggling with anxiety, depression, broken relationships, family conflict, job loss, and early life abuse and neglect.

Values and Philosophy

I am committed to improving the wellness of my patients through a flexible and responsive approach. My aspiration in the therapeutic relationship is to be a safe place for you to process life honestly. Effective treatment requires getting to know patients as individuals. I particularly enjoy helping clients to recognize and strengthen the positives in themselves and their relationships, and to grow toward their goals for themselves and those connections. Seeking help can often feel risky, as you are sharing your inner most thoughts, feelings and struggles. I work to be aware of this dilemma and take care to establish a safe and collaborative therapeutic environment. I strive to create a warm environment of mutual respect, exploration, self-discovery and self-efficacy while maintaining a focus on result-oriented treatment. We can work together to address the anxiety, fear, and depression that affect your ability to live your most authentic, joyful life.

Therapeutic Technique and Methodology

One of the most vital aspects of a successful therapeutic interaction is a genuine, empathetic, supportive relationship between the client and therapist. I focus on the client's strengths while also directing attention to those behaviors and thoughts that hold people back from achieving their goals. My aim is to provide a warm and nurturing environment where together we can work through and address your personal challenges, develop an understanding of the impact life experiences have on behavior and mood, utilize healthy, constructive coping skills, and empower real change in your life. I love helping my clients to shed what is no longer needed and inhabit their Wholeness. I take a relational, non-pathologizing approach to my work and I see each client who is in front of me as a whole and complete person. I invite my clients to become curious about their inner world so that they can more clearly identify the patterns that keep them frustrated. When we really slow down and become aware of how we function in the world we gain leverage for meeting our needs more directly. In doing this we become integrated, allowing for more spontaneity and satisfaction in our lives. I want to cultivate a safe, warm, and deeply respectful space where we can work together on your goals. I am active without having an 'agenda,' and I bring curiosity, intuition, compassion and humor to my work.

Education, Certification and Professional Associations

Degrees and Certifications

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Payment Information and Hours

I offer new potential clients a 20-minute consultation free of charge. After we have agreed to move forward with therapy, the rate is $180 for the intake interview, with subsequent sessions charged at $140 per session for individuals, families, or couples.back to top

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